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The Cloud services allow you to view reports and updated products from your home office or head office.  A new feature allows you to view your sales from the internet. Using your smart phone or computer you can view your sales from any browser.

Setup at the Store:
Open the Product Control window and use the functions under the Remote menu.

Open the Remote / Remote Report Options.
In this window you give each one of your stores a number and a name.
The options you have are for the stores to look for Product Updates and/or Send Reports.
Get Product Updates: select how often the store will check for updates.  Product updates are sent by the head office and each store will check for these updates.
Send Reports: select which reports the store will send and how often.
Report Webpages: select this option to have your reports available for viewing by a web browser.  The button Get Address will give you the web address to view your reports.  You can view the reports on your computer, smart phone, etc.

The next step is to select the time frame the reports will be sent and the days of the week.
The last step at the store is to use the button Register.  This will let you know if your store computer has access to our servers.
There is the option to manually send reports and check for updates under the Remote menu.

Limits: Only the Head/Main Office should send new inventory updates.  There is a queue waiting limit of 16 update files.  So, make sure the stores are set to get the updates frequently enough.

Store setup example:

At the Head Office open the menu Remote / View Remote Reports.   In the menu Tools use the Look For New Stores.  Select your stores to view.  If you have more than one store you can group your stores.  This allows you to send updates to a select group of stores.
To view a report first use the Get Data button and then view the report.

Updating your products at the head office:
In the Product Control window update your products and flag them as “Updated” under the Remote menu.  Once you have updated and flagged those products use the Remote / List Updated Products and then use the Send Update Products.  This will upload your products to our servers.  You can upload as many times as you need to.  The stores will get the updates as they are scheduled.

Hi Ronald,

How can I get the cloud services and what are the charges. Please advise.



It cost $19.99/year and you can purchase it on our website.

HI Ronald
How many stores can I link to the cloud to get info at the head office, do you have a limit?


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