Author Topic: Customer loyalty with amount spent  (Read 2778 times)

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Customer loyalty with amount spent
« on: February 26, 2011, 04:10:33 PM »
I want to tie my customer loyalty to the amount of money a customer has spent.  For example when the customer has spent $200, I want to give them a gift card.  I first thought I would put the cost of the product as the number of points, but I can't use a decimal in the points.  I was going to round the cost to the nearest dollar and put that in the points, but we sell cardstock that costs 60 cents each, and people often buy large multiples of that.  I don't want to give them 1 point for each, but I can't give them zero either.  I was going to put one point for every cent of the price, but the points only go up to 255 so that won't work.  The workaround I have thought of is to just use the amount spent in the customer form and keep track of when I have given out a card in the notes section, but that is more manual than I would like.  Is there a better solution?


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Re: Customer loyalty with amount spent
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2011, 08:35:27 AM »
It was designed to be used like Subway's program.  Buy 10 sandwiches and get 1 free.  You can do close to what you want by rounding off to some amount $5=1 pt, $10=2 pts.  This works for large items best and not on a purchase of 25 items for 0.13 cents.  I think your best bet is use the function as it was intended only.  It just won't work well if you sell a lot of items under a dollar.