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Title: Version 14 Features
Post by: ronaldrwl on October 29, 2014, 06:46:40 AM
These are some of the new features added to version 14.  For users of older versions, you can Update to Current Version for $79.99.

- New Graphical Table navigation and Table Status windows.
- Modifiers now allow multiple selections.
- Second Add-on group.
- Take-out food can be taxed at a different rate.
- Take-out and Delivery orders can have a different price.
- Items can mix their tax method and be either a VAT or Tax added.
- Item discounts can now be by percent or amount and added more Happy Hour discounts.
- New reports (Voids, Returns, Discounts...) and faster speeds for many of the reports.
- New Product Save and Load (extensible format allows for expansion without breaking compatibility with older/newer versions).
- Added simpler inventory export/import functions so that using Excel is easier to make bulk changes.
- Up to six printers are available for each station and 4 KDS (network version).
- Added more bulk change options to the Product Control window.
- Add-on's can be applied to a group of products.
- Manager's report window has been upgraded.
- Support for Packages (Buy 3 massages...).  Any product can be made into a package.
- The sales window can be resized and it will remember the size and location next time.
- Inventory history is now available.  View the inventory for any day.
- Added a Stylist report to the Salon version.
- Line item commission tracking.
- Added a SMS message edit window.
- A Delivery charge can be automatically added.
- Mirror: Products can now appear in a different Menu/Department or Category with different prices.
- Customer fields can be set to required.
- Suggested gratuities can be printed on receipts.
- Products can be flagged to require customer information.
- A Total Price can be given for a quantity of products.
- Expanded Customer Loyalty Options.
- Restaurant version now supports KDS / Monitors.
- Faster Returns and a scanner can be used.
- Merge two customers.
Title: Re: Version 14 Features
Post by: ronaldrwl on February 18, 2016, 09:44:44 AM
- Added a new reservation option that could be used for hotels or other rentals by day. 6/28/2016
- Support for XP and 32 bit Windows.  Credit card processing does not support XP.
- Product Edit window is resizable. 1/23/2017
- Backup option now keeps a copy of each day of the week separately. 1/27/2017
- Added a product Alphabetize function and updated how the Product Control window list large product files. 3/6/2017
- Product descriptions, cost, prices and inventory can be edited in a Spreadsheet (Product Control / Tools). 3/11/2017
- Shopify inventory export. 4/17/2017
- Unresolved Sales Report.  List sales left open or with a possible problem. 6/14/2017
- Departments or Menus can be hidden station by station. 7/6/2017
- Add Low Margin Warning report.  Report shows all the warnings in Activity Log. 7/17/2017
- New function to show the total weight of the current sale.
- New Report, Category / Summary List, good for seeing sales and taxes for each category. 8/7/2017
- New Report, Category / Summary By Register, shows categories by register.
- Z-out shows unpaid balance portion of sales. 9/27/2017
- New Report, List expired products. 10/9/2017
- Sales window option to show when a product has an expired date. 10/9/2017
- Added more options to the Sales List function. 10/16/2017
- Added a Sales ID option.  This can be used with a Student ID or Customer ID. 10/27/2017
- Sales List can be listed in ascending or descending order. 10/31/2017
- Split Ticket can now divide an item when the item has multiple copies. 11/2/2017
- Product Control window, the product list can be sorted by columns (Item#, Description, Price, Stock, Category, Department). 11/7/2017
Title: Re: Version 14 Features
Post by: ronaldrwl on November 09, 2017, 07:06:18 AM
- ISBN Search, Load book information by ISBN, Title, Description.... Using Google Books. 2/17/2018
- Added a receipt option with weight units (ie, lb, oz, g, kg...) 7/17/2018
- Payment report window updated with better searching options 9/20/2018
- Return function was updated to allow for faster returns on lots of items 9/26/2018
- Added Reservation report to the Cloud Reports. 11/17/2017
- Added Email Receipt option to Change window and Print window. 1/18/2018
- New Reports, X-Out and Customer Discount Levels reports. 1/25/2018
- Updated time clock window, 10/21/2018
- Added field options for Customer Message and Notes to report Sales Detail. 10/23/2018
- Added support for adding a tip directly on credit card terminal. 10/24/2018
- Added customer points to sales screen title bar. 10/25/2018
- Added cashier name to z-out print. 10/25/2018
- Removed the UserName in the TimeClock window.  Log-in now with only the password. 10/30/2018
- Added "Add Item Prompt" option.  Use this Option to prompt the cashier to find and add an item. 11/16/2018
- Updated Inventory Adjust window by adding Label printing, Price editing.  11/29/2018
- Updated & Upgraded Product Quick Edit. 11/30/2018
- Fixed a problem in reports with special cases. 12/10/2018
- Added Product Packages that expire. 12/11/2018
- Warning was add for sales outside of business hours. 12/12/2018
- Option for sold inventory added to z-out report. 1/20/2019
- List Builder updated for loyalty functions. 2/4/2019
- Added an option to remove the Department, Menu and Category from a list of products. 2/15/2019
- Items can now have multiple UPC's. 3/2/2019
- Easier to Duplicate Items or Show Items on different Menu's or Categories. 3/3/2019
- Updated Inventory window with more options to add stock. 3/13/2019
- Added a Lot# to products and a new report to track the Lot#. 3/27/2019
- New Self-Serve mode for customers to place their own order.  4/4/2019
Title: Cloud Features for Version 14
Post by: ronaldrwl on February 17, 2018, 11:37:35 AM
Remote/Cloud services adds these features:
- Remote reports are super easy to use now that a webserver is not required.
- View reports at your head/home office is easy.
- Updating products from your head/home office is easy.
- New feature allows you to view your sales from the internet.  Using your smart phone or computer you can view your sales from any browser.
- More information added to the on-line reports viewable from your smart phone. 2/4/2919
The subscription is now included free with software purchase for 6 months.  After that it cost $19.99/year.
Title: Re: Version 14 Features
Post by: ronaldrwl on April 09, 2019, 06:12:17 PM
- New Customer Deposit function.  For fast deposits into customer accounts. 4/9/2019
- Inventory window allows new SKU's to be added and a bug fix. 4/18/2019
- Bug Fix in the Category reports that gave national debt numbers. 4/30/2019
- Enhanced scale error checking. 9/12/2019
- Changed Product Export Basic, more fields were added. 9/24/2019
- Updated and fixed the Trace report. 10/9/2019
- New Retail Compliance report. 10/11/2019
- Updated Inventory Adjust window. 10/15/2019
- Added date range to Activity Log. 10/17/2019
- Update to not include Discontinued categories in different screens. 10/17/2019
- Added sales information to z-out, 10/22/2019
- Added Customer Balance to Customer / Product Detail report. 10/24/2019
- New HACCP Data Logger for standards and complance reminders at a glance. 10/29/2019
- Two user buttons that can be added to sales screen to jump to any website. 10/29/2019
- Added Bar support to track pours, supports BarVision and others S3 file format. 11/4/2019
- Added X-out all registers.  Select Drawer zero in X-out window. 11/6/2019
- Added support for EasyZVT card processing in Europe. 11/22/2019
- Updated Product Detail report giving better information for Consignment sells.  11/23/2019
- Added a report that shows the Cloud inventory update log. 11/27/2019
- Fixed Gift Card Report to show amounts added to a gift card. 12/4/2019
- Fixed Opening sales screen creates fewer new empty sales. 12/11/2019
- Added Deep Trace button to report Inventory / History & Trace.  Report for single Item#. 1/03/2020
- Added more tools to Optimize & Fix. 1/17/2020
- Backups are automatically made.  A separate Backup for each day of the week. 1/30/2020
- Fixed customer export/import problem with hidden characters. 2/14/2020
- Added Curbside & Pickup function options. 5/13/2020
- Product Modifiers can be updated a group at a time. 6/22/2020
Title: Re: Version 14 Features
Post by: ronaldrwl on October 12, 2020, 05:14:57 AM
- Added new Credit Card processor Clearent. 10/10/2020
- Fixed a printing problem with Windows 10 update. 10/12/2020
- Added Shopify inventory update export. 2/15/2021
- Added appointment reminder by email and/or text message. 7/20/2021
- Added support for a new scale PS1X from Pinnacle, 9/15/2021
- Added Table/Room report, 10/16/2021
- Added New Product option to Adjust Inventory window. 12/22/2021
- Added Credit Card service charge%. 6/7/2022