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Title: How to use Arabic/French...
Post by: ronaldrwl on March 05, 2014, 08:38:41 AM
Or any other language.

The computer you are using must be set to your language.  You can do this in the Windows Control Panel, Regional & Language Options.
Then in ezPower open the Settings / General and check the box "Use Default Fonts".  Restart the program and you should be able to enter your product descriptions in your language.
Also, open the Settings / Printer Options and select "Roll Receipt Style" #7.  This will allow you to format your receipt properly.

We do not have a translation in Arabic or French but you can change much of it in the Settings / Terminology window.  Another option is we can send you a list of words for you to translate.  We'll encode that into the program.
Title: Re: How to use Arabic/French...
Post by: ronaldrwl on February 17, 2016, 07:33:31 AM
Windows 10 example:
1, Open Settings and click on Time & language.
2, Click on Region & language (left sidebar)
3, Select Country or region (set to Norway).
4, Click on button Additional date, time & region settings
    Click on Change Location.  It should say Norway.
    Click on Administrative tab.  Press Change system locale... and select Norwegian.
5, Restart computer.
6, Select NOB at bottom right of screen for Norwegian.
7, In ezPower / General Settings: check Default Font and then OK.

You should now be able to type in Norwegian.