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Title: Fixes
Post by: ronaldrwl on June 26, 2013, 09:08:33 AM
Version 14.
List Today's Sales Only will now show sales past midnight until 3 am.
Purchase Orders
In the purchase order window the Order Estimator was fixed.  Products using the Case / Single link now work with the Out of Stock Warning and Out-Of-Stock Hold options.
Fixed a memory problem in Purchase order functions that would cause erratic behavior. 12/2/2015
Z-Out Report
Problem with VAT systems that used the Sales Discount.  The z-out report was showing conflicting information.
Network Connections
How the clients connect to the server computer has been updated to protect against possible server failures.  For example, if the server is not on when a client starts.  Or, if the server is shut down while a client is in the middle of a sale.  Or, the network connection is not available.  The new procedure tries to provide a smother exit for these situations. 12/30/2015
Sales Window
Fixed a problem with the Function Keys that were active in a closed sale. 9/7/2016
Version 13 & 14
Edit button
Using the Item Edit button (pencil) in the sales window to change the quantity can cause inventory errors if the sale is left open.  This problem has been fixed.
Sales Export/Import. 9/11/2015
Title: Re: Fixes
Post by: ronaldrwl on December 03, 2015, 10:38:56 AM
Update note: when you receive an update you get all the fixes.
Title: Re: Fixes
Post by: ronaldrwl on March 24, 2016, 06:04:00 AM
Version 14.
Speed Up Dramatic speed increases with large databases on z-out, payments and reports. 3/24/2016
Fixed problem with Print Products Stock List.
Email Update
This fix allows ezPower to send email reports using Gmail, yahoo mail and most others now.  This is a free update for version 13 users with version 13 before June 2013.  Send support your business name to get the update. 6/26/2013
Avg Cost
customers that have seen their Avg Cost go up we have found one possible cause and fixed it.  Email us your business name and reference the Avg Cost fix to receive an update. 4/1/2015
Windows 8
We found that we can improve performance and avoid restarting ezPower in low memory environments.  Especially in Windows 8.
If you are having problems after running ezPower for a period of time that a restart fixes, let us know. 2/1/2014
Kitchen Notes are not shown in the Kitchen Monitor. 12/14/2015
Network versions Big speed increases on network clients.  Especially effective on slower clients. 6/21/2016
Customer Balance Closed a loophole that causes a customer balance to be off. 6/21/2016
Security Hole was closed in the TimeClock window. 7/8/2016
Modifier Detail Report fixed a bug in the modifier report. 2/27/2017
Table Navigation window, fixed a problem where tables would disappear. 4/21/2017
Reduce the number of empty sales/tickets in sales screen. 6/13/2017
Inventory History Fixed the report. 7/28/2017
Kitchen Notes menu This menu selection was not showing. 10/31/2017
Empty Sales Fixed to many empty sales/tickets from being creaded in sales screen. 10/31/2017
Network Server Restarting register #1 caused major problems with other registers. 12/20/2017
Modifiers Fixed problem with modifiers that caused it to close the window and print funny. 1/2/2018
Remote Reports Fixed several problems. 1/9/2018
Title: Re: Fixes
Post by: ronaldrwl on February 22, 2018, 08:34:29 AM
Load Inventory Has been reworked to better handle duplicate items. 2/22/2018
Customer Balance Fixed problem when deleting a payment. 3/15/2018
Customer Balance Fixed a customer balance issue. 7/2/2018
Sales Reports Fixed a bug in sales reports by product using a VAT. 8/28/2018
Remote Reports Updates and fixes. 11/27/2018
Rounding If Qty decimals is set to zero, it would round the number(ex 0.5 to 1). This loop hole to give discounts was closed. 3/11/2019
Sales Not Listed with fresh installs.  Only effects copies sent out the first two weeks of March. 3/18/2019
Inventory Save/Load fixed problem with Location field. 1/21/2020
z-out Fixed missing the tip/gratuity on print. 2/25/2020
Misc Cleaned up some reports and interfaces. 4/23/2020
Apply Payment Speed up this function. 5/11/2020