Start Accepting Credit Crards with a Free Merchant Account!

Shopping Around?

A Few Questions to Ask:

How easy is it for you to reach your sales rep?
We offer you our direct extension. You can always reach us.

How knowledgeable are the sales reps?
We have been in business for 10 years and hold over 30,000 accounts. Any sales rep dealing with your account has setup well over a thousand merchants.

How big is the company?
We are housed in a 30,000 square foot office in the heart of Boston’s Financial District. We have 90+ employees who make up sales, customer service, deployment and shipping departments.

Do they offer a FREE Trial?
There are no contract or setup fees so you can try us for FREE.

How is Merchant Warehouse different from going to a local bank?
Most banks offer processing as a value added service and don’t want you to know that there are other companies who specifically handle Merchant Accounts only. There is a reason companies like Merchant Warehouse are in business and that is because we have better flexibility, pricing, and service.

What is the history of Merchant Warehouse?
We have been in business for 10 years and hold over 30,000 accounts. We continue to grow everyday.

Is Merchant Warehouse listed with the Better Business Bureau?
We have a spotless reputation with the Better Business Bureau.
For more information visit: BBB - Merchant Warehouse

Are the sales reps willing to offer you a schedule of fees as a quote?
Merchant Warehouse offers you more than just a one page quote only disclosing a portion of their fee structure. This is one of the biggest mistakes in making apples to apples comparisons. Once you sign a contract, whether you like their service or not, you’re stuck.

What to look for and Why to Look at Merchant Warehouse:

Cancellation Fee – There is no termination fee with Merchant Warehouse

Contract – There is no contract, strictly month to month

Annual Fee – There is no annual fee

Undisclosed Fees – We disclose all fees and will take the time to educate you on them

Application Fee – Free Setup

Programming Fee – Free Programming for all merchants

Set up Fee – No Setup Fee

Support for Point Of Sale - Merchant Warehouse has a tried and trusted relationship with Denver Research

Minimums – No Minimum on processing volume our rates will not fluctuate based on your volume

Low Price Guarantee – Merchant Warehouse offers a $100 low price guarantee

Opening A New Or Existing Account – Setup With Merchant Warehouse Is Easy. Turnaround in as little as 24-48 hours

Dedicated Representatives – Merchant Warehouse assigns you a dedicated representative as your own account manager.